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Redmond Rock On A Rope

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Essential trace minerals and electrolytes in a natural blend only nature could have made. Increases stamina, aids digestion, improves vitality and boosts energy.

Rock-on-a-Rope contain min 91%/max 96% salt, min 0.35% calcium, min 0.002% phosphorus, min 0.06% magnesium, min 0.03% potassium, min 0.07% sulfur, min 10 ppm copper and min 1 ppm zinc.

Directions: Feed free choice year-round. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water. When first introducing, encourage licking by pouring water or molasses on rock. Rock-on-a-Rope is ideal for barn, stall or fence post. Tie tight for easy licking, or give slack for a healthy alternative to candy balls and other boredom busters. Outdoors, tying Rock-on-a-Rope to a fence keeps rock out of dirt and mud, and tying it lower on a gate allows horse to maintain the posture horses naturally assume when foraging.